Friday, June 22, 2018

Cargills Food City and Bank | History & Review


Cargills Company is one of the biggest group of companies in the world. It has been founded in 1844 by two persons Mr. Wiliam Milne and David Sime Cargill in Colombo. At the beginning they have started as a wholesale business and general warehouse. They have developed it step by step. As I said before Cargills is a group of companies. Cargills Food City and Cargills Banks are much popular among the people. By today, there are over 150,000 employees work in this great dominant company, Cargills PLC. If you are interested in working at Cargills Bank or Cargills Food City, read more careers news at, which belongs to Mr. C. Prasad, internet marketer and latest market news publisher.
Cargills Food City have been started in Sri Lanka in the year of 1983 as the Sri Lanka's largest modern retailer. Cargills Food City has to face a big competition not only in Sri Lanka, but also around the world. Cargills Food City always try to give fresh and best good with competitive prices to their customers. I have seen some vegetables, fruits and fish are much cheaper and fresh than other local shopping centers and Food Cities. There are number of other Food Cities in Sri Lanka such as Zomato Food City, Isuru Food City and so on.
Cargills Banks are as popular as Cargills Food City. Cargills Bank have attached most of Cargills Food Cities to help their customers to do various things in a same place. Most of school leavers wish to apply Cargills Banks than some other banks which are in Sri Lanka.Cargills Bank has much reputation as much as other popular banks like Seylan Internet Bank PLC (Branch: Nugegoda), Sampath Bank PLC and so on. We wish to all the best to Cargills Company, especially to Cargills Bank and Cargills Food City.
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